Dress Only in Layers of Robes

Ah, comfort. Is there anything better than lounging around in one’s home, dressed in a robe? If there is, the Heian people surely did not find it, for the women generally dressed in several layers of silk robes at a time, the more the better! However, should you have chosen to wear the wrong color robe to the wrong event, well…..one need not elaborate. I’ll save the three page diatribe for my diary, or Nikki, where it properly belongs.

Try to emulate these masters of comfort and style. Go out in nothing but robes. Better yet, lounge around your house all day in your favorite robe. Don’t wash it. You have more important things to do, like sitting around in the robe. If anyone tries to call you out on it, tell them that you don’t have several wives of uncertain status to to clean the robe. They’ll immediately regret having pointed out your lower rank, and will feel deep, lingering shame.

And you can get back to that robe.


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2 responses to “Dress Only in Layers of Robes

  1. Roxana

    Given the weight of the layered robes, not to mention the floor length hair, no wonder we Heian women are sedentary!

  2. nox lumen

    I tryed that once with layers of silk and cotton kimono. It was wonderfully decadent. iIwas out and the floor was yucky so I skipped the trailing hem and went 1300’s travel style with the dressing and also learned that 4-5 layers makes great winter insulation. Now I just need to make some of those realy cool extra long red pants…..

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