Who Needs Real Eyebrows?

Having already addressed the hairstyle of a Heian lady, we move to another area of near constant upkeep: eyebrows. As they say today: brows make the face. Any Heian woman could have told you the same.

That’s why the typical Heian lady plucked out all of her eyebrows (so they never grew back!), and replaced them with large black smudges. No need for pesky plucking. No painful brow waxes. Just two thumb-sized, ink-black rectangles on your forehead, and you were in business.

Combined with the dark stain used on the teeth? Gorgeous.


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2 responses to “Who Needs Real Eyebrows?

  1. Rastagirl

    lol how funny!!!!1

  2. I used to love that look! It didn’t quite go over so well with some of the gentle men. “n_n”

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