Looking Inward

Heian people were not interested in much outside of the mores of Heian society. There was little emphasis on intellectual curiosity or the study of foreign lands. Rather, one obsessed over, as we’ve seen, handwriting, poetry recitation skills, learning Chinese (only if you were a man, God help you), weeping, gossip, nature as seen through your carriage or bedroom window, behaving properly, wearing the right colored robe to that particular ceremony, and various Buddhist and Shinto ceremonies throughout the year.

Therefore, one wonders what a Heian aristocrat might make of a blog dedicated to their particular curious world. Though they would certainly understand being obsessed with their own social circle (and indeed they were, and we have all the writings about the same people and their goings on to prove it), the concept of learning and writing about a particular culture of a particular era would have struck them as strange. What, perchance, would they make of someone ordering these Heian-era dolls from Ebay?

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