Disappearing from Court Life

Was to fall off the face of the Earth entirely. Though most of our current knowledge of Heian life comes from thecourt diaries and writings of a select group of ladies active in Heian court life, their later lives, as well as the exact year or even decade of their deaths, are completely unknown. There are a few clues, but leaving Heian Kyo meant leaving the known world. The provijingunces were considered so far away that an assignment to a post as a provincial governor was akin to banishment. Leaving the court meant one simply ceased to exist in the social world of the time. Likewise, today one can leave the internet and disappear completely from social networks. A departure from a blog, facebook, or gchat is to cease to exist for most of the people that one knows. Having neglected this particular blog for two months, I have, in a sense, left today’s version of Heian Kyo.


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