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The Millenial Anniversary of “Genji”

Genji reenactment



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A Conundrum…

The back has a Fujiwara crest.

The back has a Fujiwara crest.


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Be a Really Good Person

Check out her character.

Check out her character.

In other words, be really attractive. Well-dressed, fashionable, beautiful – yes, a really good person.

In Sei Shonagon’s The Pillow Book, Sei casually mentions the death of the Empress whom she served in a way that shows no sadness, yet at certain points rants for days over a lady in waiting wearing the colors to a ceremony. What an awful person!

Why not judge people this way today? Clear skin and shiny hair might just indicate moral courage. Muscular definition? A charitable nature. You’re not shallow – you just care if someone’s a good person.

The next time you go to a bar and see someone of the opposite sex whom you find attractive or desirable, tell your friends that you just think that they’re a ….really good person. You mean it – at least in Heian terms.

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