A Modern Novel of Heian Inspiration

Check out that hair.

An example of a Heian-inspired character in modern times would be Ingrid Magnusson in the best-selling novel, “White Oleander” by Janet Fitch.

Fitch created Ingrid, a cold, highly aesthetic artist living in late 1990’s Los Angeles, after imagining what would happen if a Heian – era lady, totally obsessed with aesthetics, beauty, and form, and lacking in certain moral qualms, were suddenly transported to modern times – and had no money.

While the novel itself is more about Ingrid’s daughter, Astrid, who is thrown into the Los Angeles foster system after Ingrid murders her deceitful lover, whom she had initially considered beneath her as it was, Ingrid is most interesting to us as a monstrous example of Heian – era values transplanted to modernity.



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2 responses to “A Modern Novel of Heian Inspiration

  1. faceless2you

    I loved this book, great blog!

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