“Strolling in the Heian Period” Scarf

From Hermes, Fall 2009

Supposedly this scarf was inspired by Heian-era art, which would be exciting, but I don’t entirely see it. The colors are very bright for an era known for introspection and melancholy, and not similar to what one would see in a Genji print. Anyone see any distinctly Heian symbols? Other than the addition of black lacquer hats on men engaging in decidedly un-Heian athletic activity, I’m at a loss.

Additionally, Fuji-san is depicted in the top left corner, but Heian aristocrats lived nearly exclusively (unless essentially banished to the outer provinces by a post as a provincial governor) Heian Kyo, which is not near Fuji-san. Mt. Hiei is frequently mentioned in Heian literature, but it does not have that same distinctive, perfectly symmetrical look.


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