Stop Exercising

An aristocratic Heian woman did not move very often. She would not have played sports, nor would she have spent time on long solitary walks. Instead, wealthy women lived extremely sedentary lives, spending much of their time sitting around, playing board games with others, practicing penmanship, or eagerly anticipating a response to a sent poem. This is yet another reason why Heian women dominated Japanese literature of the period to such a degree – there was nothing else to do but sit and write.

Sitting on the floor > than sitting on an exercise bike.

To modernize this behavior, spend your time sitting around your room. Talk to your friends on the phone or online. Start writing in a notebook or a blog. Or just feel melancholy. The choice is yours!

But whatever you do, don’t go for a jog. It’s really not very Heian.



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3 responses to “Stop Exercising

  1. How in the world did they stay so thin? I assume it is because they ate very little as well. And it was pretty healthy. No bonbons for these Heian woman.

  2. Roxana

    That settles it, I *must* have been a Heian Lady in a previous existence! 😉 Lying behind the curtains of my chodai absorbed in the latest monogatari all day and all night sound *wonderful*.

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