Heian Decor is Always Welcome

I realize that I have not posted in quite some time. Unfortunately, unlike my aristocratic Heian compatriots, I must actually work (?) for a living rather than living on the income of far off provincial estates I have never ever visited and could not find on a map.  As a result, I have had less time to actively pursue an interest in all things Heian.

Nonetheless, Heian objects seem to find me. While waiting on line at a thrift store in my neighborhood recently, I happened to spot this particular mini-collage on the counter next to the register. I didn’t even find it while browsing – it was just there, waiting for me to take it, not having been placed there by an errant shopper off to find one last item.

The gentleman may not be wearing a black lacquer hat, and the lady’s hair does not appear to be long, but this little piece of decor is clearly in the Heian spirit. After all, they are both quite attractively pale and plump.  It’s good to know that unlike some trends, standards of beauty never change.



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4 responses to “Heian Decor is Always Welcome

  1. What a lovely, funny site!

    By any chance, should you also mention the existence of a mystery series set in Heian Japan?
    It features Sugawara Akitada (and his extended family) and number seven has just gone on sale: THE MASUDA AFFAIR.
    Check out my web site for details and an e-mail address.

  2. goodjob

    As an avid lurker, I wanted to encourage you to keep updating. This site is pure gold! Not sure how you can think of new materiel though? Anyway, good luck!

  3. Very droll: I am half convinced by your blog that we are still living in the Heian.

    Alas, though, as you mentioned, work keeps getting in the way of elegant pastimes such as floating the sake cups down meandering channels of water while composing tanka….

  4. jcg03002

    Thank you, in many ways, I think that we are still living in the Heian era.

    Ah, work – unfortunately, most of us do not live off the earnings of a far off estate in the provinces! I would that we did.

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